There will be two computational biology courses available this winter term at Concordia.

The first is called Bioinformatics: Tools for the Life Sciences. It is open to undergraduates as BIOL 480, to students of the Diploma program in Genomics as BIOL 530, and to graduate students as BIOL 630.

The course teaches the basics in computational biology to students of the life sciences. This includes an introduction to R, data science techniques, and a brief introduction to machine learning through several applications in biology and human health.

The second is called Advanced Computational Biology. This is only open to graduate students as BIOL 602.

This is a reading course and I am open to tailoring the syllabus to each individuals specific research area and need. There is a bias in the material towards the use of deep learning and graphical models in biology. The course is appropriate for both life science and quantitative science students.