We are developing a community of students, researchers and professors at Concordia who are interested in expanding their abilities in

  • basic information technology (eg Unix, cloud computing, management software, databases)
  • programming (eg with R and Python)
  • specific bioinformatic software (eg Galaxy)
  • statistical analysis (eg linear models)
  • mathematical modelling (eg pathway simulations)
  • machine learning (eg deep learning), and
  • data science (eg exploring sequencing datasets).

The CompLifeSci community plans to host regular informal events with

  • invited speakers from the basic and clinical sciences
  • with politicians, administrators and granting agencies central to funding in Canada,
  • technical lectures and working sessions,
  • opportunities to discuss your project with people from other fields

There will of course be healthy fresh food.

Please place your email in the comments below or send me a message at michael.hallett@concordia.ca if you are interested.

(PS* We aren’t sure there are any actual round tables at Concordia but that won’t stop us.)