Posted June 11, 2021

My collaborators and I have a posdoctoral position open related to a project in cancer genomics and informatics, specifically breast ductal in situ carcinoma (DCIS). The project is led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of Dr V Dumeaux at Concordia (Montreal), Dr E Rakovitch at Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto), myself and collaborators at the OICR (Toronto), UBC (Vancouver) and MD Anderson (Texas), providing an excellent training environment. This is a CIHR funded project and involves the analysis of a large collection of profiles of DCIS tumors towards specific clinical end-points.

We really need someone here who has a solid background in statistics and data science, preferably with previous experience in the genomics and bioinformatics arenas. The position would be co-superivsed by Dr Dumeaux and myself. We are happy to work with you to provide a sufficient level of understanding with respect to the underlying biology and clinical aspects of the project.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Ph.D. in biostatistics, computational biology, data science, epidemiology, or related disciplines
  • expertise in manipulation, analysis, and visualization of high-throughput genomics data
  • programming experience using R and/or Python.

Duration: 1 year (but with potential for longer) Salary: 60K / year + benefits

Please send a CV to mail.  Please ensure that you describe your previous academic training, research experience or other items you deem relevant to this position.