Dr Eric Paquet

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Ph.D, Department of Biochemistry, McGill University

Projects :

  • Absolute single sample assignments in breast cancer
  • Breast cancer subtypes comparison
  • Breast cancer models evaluation

Education :

  • BSc Computer Science, Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada
  • MSc Computer Science, Montreal University, Quebec, Canada

Interests :

  • Applied machine learning
  • Development of robust and absolute prognostic and predictive multigene signatures in Breast Cancer
  • Personalized and Precision medicine
  • Tumor heterogeneity inference

Awards and Scholarships:

  • McGill Max Stern Recruitment Award, 2011
  • FRSQ Doctoral scholarship 2012-2015, decline
  • CIHR Banting and Best Doctoral scholarship 2012-2015

Selected publications: (* = first authorship)

DNA Repair Pathways in Trypanosomatids: from DNA Repair to Drug Resistance. MM Genois, ER Paquet, MCN Laffitte, R Maity, A Rodrigue, M Ouellette et al. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 78 (1), 40-73 2014

Next-generation biobanking of metastases to enable multidimensional molecular profiling in personalized medicine. Z Diaz, A Aguilar-Mahecha, ER Paquet*, M Basik, M Orain, E Camlioglu et al. Modern Pathology 26 (11), 1413-1424 4 2013

Redirecting splicing with bifunctional oligonucleotides. JP Brosseau, JF Lucier, AA Lamarche, L Shkreta, D Gendron, E Lapointe, P Thibault, E Paquet et al.. Nucleic acids research, 2013

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Quantitative proteomics profiling of the poly (ADP-ribose)-related response to genotoxic stress. JP Gagné, É Pic, M Isabelle, J Krietsch, C Éthier, E Paquet, I Kelly et al. Nucleic acids research 40 (16), 7788-7805 2012

Conserved molecular interactions within the HBO1 acetyltransferase complexes regulate cell proliferation. N Avvakumov, ME Lalonde, N Saksouk, E Paquet, KC Glass, AJ Landry et al. Molecular and cellular biology 32 (3), 689-703 2012

A key role for poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 3 in ectodermal specification and neural crest development. M Rouleau, V Saxena, A Rodrigue, ER Paquet, A Gagnon, MJ Hendzel et al. PloS one 6 (1), e15834 5 2011

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