21 Jan 2005

This was the first of our Barbados meetings to focus on breast cancer.

</tr> </table>
Organizers Institution
Michael Hallett Bioinformatics, McGill Bioinformatics
Morag Park Oncology, Biochem, Medicine, McGill Breast Cancer
Participant Affiliation Specialty
T. Brown U. of Toronto Microrrays
J. Bryan Statistics, UBC Microrrays
H. Chen Mol. Oncology, McGill LCM, Microarrays
G. Finak Biochemistry, McGill Bioinformatics
A. Filali Inst. du cancer, U. de Mont. Bioinformatics
I. Jurisica U. of Toronto Bioinfo/Ovarian Cancer </tr>
B. Muller Mol. Oncology, McGill Her2 Mouse Models
F. Pepin Bioinformatics, McGill Bioinfo/TGF-Beta
S. PetkiewiczOncology, Biochem, Medicine, McGill Met, Breast Cancer </tr>
B. SchadeMol. Oncology, McGill Her2 Mouse Models
P. SiegelMedicine, McGill TGF-Beta/Neu
D. ThomasBiochemistry, McGill Chemical Genomic Screens
C. Tognon BCRI, UBC Fusion Proteins
Z. YakhiniAgilent Microarrays
J. WulfkuhleCenter for Cancer Research, NCI Proteomics/Breast Cancer