Moving to Western University in London, Canada.

The lab will re-open in April of 2022. Western University is an excellent top-level institution in Canada with a long history of excellence in research and teaching. It has a vibrant medical school and dedicated basic researchers. There are many positions open in computational biology, systems biology and the biological data sciences.

Open Position: Postdoc or Research Associate in Cancer Informatics

Postdoctoral position in cancer informatics and statistics My collaborators and I have a posdoctoral position open related to a project in cancer genomics and informatics, specifically breast ductal in situ carcinoma (DCIS). The project is led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of Prof Michael Hallett, Dr E Rakovitch at Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto), myself and collaborators at the OICR (Toronto), UBC (Vancouver) and MD Anderson (Texas), providing an excellent training environment. This is a CIHR funded project and involves the analysis of a large collection of profiles of DCIS tumors towards specific clinical end-points.

Ideal candidates will have:

Please send your application to or

Other Open Positions: Ugrad, MSc, PhD

Please see the research descriptions for more information about specific projects. There are opportunites for graduate students in almost all of these efforts. To apply, please contact It is helpful if you include a cv with a brief note about anything special that you would like to point out that you feel makes you particularly suited for the position. Please indicate your background and where you would like to fit in. For example, is there a specific project that you are interested in? Do you prefer bench or computational work?

Other Open Positions: Postdoc and Research Associate

There are postdoc and research associate positions available in the cancer related projects. We have many collaborations with other molecular and clinical oncology groups. The positions are funded by the CIHR, NIH or European equivalents. Please contact