23 Jan 2009

This meeting focused on genomics approaches in breast cancer to study both murine models and the human disease.

Organizers Institution
Mike HallettMcGill University
Morag ParkMcGill University
Jørgen AarøeRikshospitalet Institute for Cancer ResearchGenomic alterations and systemic changes in early breast cancer.
Nicholas BertosMcGill UniversityDTCs/CTCs in breast cancer.
Sean CoryMcGill UniversityBioinformatics of breast cancer.
Rachelle DillonMcGill UniversityErbb2 mouse models of breast cancer.
Vanessa DumeauxRikshospitalet Institute for Cancer Research/PrincetonBreast density, epidemiology.
Slim FouratiUniversity of MontrealEstrogen positive breast cancer.
Kalle GehringMcGill UniversityStructural biology, endocytosis.
Vincent GiguèreMcGill UniversityReceptor signaling in breast cancer.
Kun HuangOhio State UniversityBioinformatics of cancer.
Gregor JansenMcGill UniversityCell signaling pathways.
Jennifer KnightMcGill UniversityMet mouse models of breast cancer.
Julie LaferrièreMcGill UniversityMetastases and the microenvironment in breast cancer.
Gustavo LeoneOhio State UniversityBreast tumor microenvironment.
Robert LesurfMcGill UniversityBionformatics in breast cancer.
Jason MadoreUniversity of MontrealTissue microarrays for ovarian cancer.
Anne-Marie Mes-MassonUniversity of MontrealIdentification and characterization of expression patterns in cancer progression.
Aslaug Aamodt MuggerudRikshospitalet Institute for Cancer ResearchDCIS in breast cancer.
William MullerMcGill UniversityRole of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) family in the induction and progression of breast cancer.
Alain NepveuMcGill UniversityCDP/Cux.
Michael OstrowskiOhio State UniversityBreast tumor microenvironment.
Jeff ParvinOhio State UniversityThe biology of BRCA1.
François PepinMcGill UniversityMicroenvironment in breast cancer.
Jill RangerMcGill UniversitySTAT3.
Maya SalehMcGill UniversityApoptosis, inflammation and host response to infections.
Babette SchadeMcGill UniversityMouse models of meastases.
Solmaz ShahahlizadehMcGill UniversityMetapredictors in breast cancer.
Peter SiegelMcGill UniversityBreast cancer metastases to bone and soft tissues.
Sebastien TabariesMcGill UniversityBreast cancer metastases.
David ThomasMcGill UniversityCell signaling pathways and their role in infectious diseases; molecular chaperone systems in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Josie Ursini-SiegelMcGill UniversityErbb2 mouse models of breast cancer.
Charles VadnaisMcGill UniversityChIP-Chip/transcription in breast cancer.