22 Jan 2010
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Organizers Institution
Mike HallettMcGill University
Sarah JennaUniversité de Québec à Montréal
David ThomasMcGill University
Brenda AndrewsUniversity of TorontoStudy of cell cycle and cell division in budding yeast
Suzana AnjosMcGill UniversityCystic fibrosis, response-to-chemical gene expression signatures
Bill BalchThe Scripps Research InstituteProtein trafficking and misfolding disease
Margarethe BiongNorwegian Radium HospitalAssociations between genotype profiles and breast cancer risk factors
Rich BonneauNew York UniversityPeptide design
Fabiana CicirielloMcGill UniversityCystic fibrosis, response-to-chemical gene expression signatures
Vanessa DumeauxUniversity of TromsoEpidemiology of Environmental Exposures in Cancer
Elias EppMcGill UniversityFungal genomics, antifungal synergy
Guri GiaeverUniversity of TorontoChemical genomics
Sara JC GoslineMcGill UniversityProbabilistic models of endoplasmic reticulum quality control
Gregor JansenMcGill UniversityChemogenomic profiling, antifungal synergy
Danielle KemmerMcGill UniversityThe study of orphan diseases via chemical genomics
Hege BK Landmark-HøyvikNorwegian Radium HospitalBlood gene expression to investigate response to and late side effects of radiotherapy
Anna Y LeeMcGill UniversityPredicting antifungal synergy and therapeutic targets for genetic disorders
Sébastien LemieuxUniversité de MontréalFunctional and structural bioinformatics
Nicolas MoitessierMcGill UniversityChemo-informatics
Corey NislowUniversity of TorontoChemical genomics
Dana Pe'erColumbia UniversityComputational systems biology
Lekha SlenoUniversité de Québec à MontréalMetabolome, drug metabolism and mass spectrometry
Jérome WaldispühlMcGill UniversityPredicting the structures of proteins and RNAs
Dan ZilbersteinTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyLeishmaniasis