24 Jan 2020

Emerging Model Systems. January 24th-31st.

This meeting brings together researchers interested in the development of new model organisms. Such models either facilitate exciting new questions that can be asked for the first time, or facilitate unprecedented ability to explore long-standing fundamental questions central to the life sciences. The emergence of many new “non-model” model systems recently is at least in part due to recent advancements in gene editing technologies, cellular imaging, and single cell genomics. Therefore, the workshop also seeks to bring investigators interested in the advancement of such techniques to better exploit the unique biological features of these organisms.

The invitees collectively champion emerging model systems across a broad swath of the Tree of Life. This includes

  • Protist, bacterial and fungal unicellular model systems for studying, for example, carbon sequestration in marine sytems, single cellular regeneration, and genome organization.
  • Individuals who have developed novel models in multicellular organisms including sytems to study regeneration, tissue morphology, and neural function.
  • Researchers with models that may more accurately recapitulate key aspects of human disease in comparison to current systems.
  • Researchers interested in the development of models to study organismal interactions in different environments.
  • Experts in developing synthetic biology, -omics, microscopy and computational/statistical biology approaches to model systems.