06 Jan 2022

Encoding an Decoding Function in the Genome. Friday February 4th to Friday February 11th, 2022

This meeting brings together researchers interested in approaches that systematically modify and perturb genomes in order

  • [DECODE] to understand the function of the target loci in terms of gene expression and regulation;
  • [ENCODE] to modify the function of the target loci to change its expression and regulation for specific goals.

The invitees collectively champion modern -omic approaches that often include precise genome editing (eg CRISPR/Cas9) applied to populations in a high-throughput manner using different strategies (eg lentiviral infections or robotic delivery), tracked in different ways (eg competitive growth assays versus single cell droplet encapsulation), and profiled with -omic and microscopy technologies. Such systematic screens are central to exploring

  • to build codebooks describing interactions between DNA, RNA, protein, and genome struture;
  • to decipher the multivariate biology of higher order genetic and biochemical interactions;
  • to understand the interconnected relationships in systems from ecology, health, and disease;
  • to efficiently optimize systems in the context of synthetic biology.