This meeting brought together researchers interested in diseases of the secretory pathway with special emphasis on the endoplasmic reticulum

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Organizers Institution
Michael Hallett Bioinformatics, McGill Bioinformatics
Christina Haston Dept. of Medicine, McGill Cystic Fibrosis
David ThomasBiochemistry, McGillER/Chemicogenomics
Participant Affiliation Specialty
Sara Calafell Bioinformatics, McGill Models of the ER
Eric Chevet Cell Biology/Surgery, McGill C.Elegans, UPR
Daniela Cernea Bioinformatics, McGill Bioinformatics
Lane Clarke University of Missouri Cystic Fibrosis
Sean Cory Bioinformatics, McGill Bioinformatics/Cystic Fibrosis
Lars Ellgaard Biochemistry, ETH Zuerich ER/Protein Folding
Nir Friedman Computational Biology, Hebrew University Models of biological systems
Kalle Gehring Biochemistry, McGill Structural Biology
John Hanrahan Physiology, McGill Cystic Fibrosis
Gregor Jansen Biochemistry, McGill ER
Sarah Jenna Montreal Proteomics Network, McGill C. Elegans, UPR
Martin Latterich Anatomy/Cell Biology, McGill Organelle Biogenesis
Michal Linial Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University Secretory system
Susan Lindquist Whitehead/MIT Stress response/chaperones
Gergely Lukacs Sick Kids Research, Univ. of Toronto CFTR
Al Shrier Physiology, McGill HERG
Malcolm Whiteway NRC-BRI Chemical Genomics