24 Jan 2014

This meeting brought down many members of the international microRNA community wheree we discussed research, current challenges and the way onward.

Organizers Institution
Thomas DuchaineMcGill University, Canada
Vanessa DumeauxMcGill University, Canada
Mike HallettMcGill University, Canada
Invitees Institution
Julie PellouxUniversite de Montreal
Chris HillierUniversity of the West Indies
Ali TofighMcGill University
Frank SlackYale UniversityMicroRNA-based therapeutics in cancer
Brenda AndrewsUniversity of TorontoUsing yeast functional genomics to explore biological pathways and non-coding RNA function
Eric LaiMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterMicroRNAs and other post-transcriptional regulation
Jens LagergrenSciLifeLab Stockholm
Marie ÖhmanStockholm UniversityRegulation of miRNAs by RNA editing in neurons
Chris HammellCold Spring Harbor LaboratoryTemporal regulation of miRNA expression during C. elegans post-embryonic development
Ren&eacute KettingInstitute of Molecular Biology (IMB)Diversity of small RNA pathways in germ cells
Colin CristMcGill UniversityPost-transcriptional mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle stem cell activity
Martin SimardLaval University Cancer Research CenterUnderstanding small RNA pathways through the Argonautes
Marc FabianLady Davis Institute for Medical ResearchInsights into recruitment of the CCR4-NOT complex by mammalian gene silencing platforms
Amy PasquinelliUC San DiegoThe multifaceted miRISC
Helge GrosshansFriedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical ResearchTowards a quantitative understanding of miRNA function and regulation in physiology
Antonio GiraldezYale UniversityUsing ribosome footprinting to analyze the coding genome
Eric MiskaGurdon InstituteC. elegans piRNAs
Nada JabadoMcGill UniversityFusion of TTYH1 with the C19MC microRNA cluster in the embryonal brain tumor ETMR
Tim HughesUniversity of TorontoExploring the universe of RNA-binding proteins
Sohail TavazoieThe Rockefeller UniversitymicroRNAs as molecular probes into the biology of metastasis
Nikolaus RajewskyMax Delbruck Center for Molecular MedicineRNA-protein interactions
Richard CarthewNorthwestern UniversityMicroRNAs in Drosophila
Hin Hark GanNew York University3D Modeling of miRISC-Target Interactions
Yifei YanUniversite de MontrealDesigning small artificial miRNAs to inhibit HIV production
Paul BoutrosOntario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)miRNA-Based Biomarkers for Cancer: Challenges & Successes
Nathanael WeillUniversite de MontrealModeling miRNA-induced gene expression regulation
Lill-Tove BusundUniversitetet i TromsøDetection of microRNA in tissue blocks or MicroRNA in the clinic
Line MoiUniversity hospital of North NorwaylmicroRNAs as biomarkers in breast cancer
Francois MajorUniversite de MontrealRNA transient structures control the microRNA maturation pathway
Ahilya SawhMcGill UniversityThe post-translational life of DCR-1
Ariel DonayoMcGill UniversityRegulation of the maturation of pri-miR-17~92 in normal and cancer cells
Mathieu FlamandMcGill UniversityA non-canonical site reveals multiple cooperative mechanisms in microRNA-mediated silencing