25 Jan 2013

This meeting focused on the development of genomics-based approaches for the identification and implementation of biomarkerss for patient prognosis and benefit to therapy.

Organizers Institution
Mike HallettMcGill University, Canada
Vanessa DumeauxMcGill University, Canada
Sylvie MaderUniversite de Montreal, Canada
Invitees Institution
Justyna KulpaUniversite de MontrealEndocrinology
Uri David AkaviaColumbia UniversityComputational Systems Biology
David Cotnoir-WhiteUniversite de MontrealMolecular Oncology
Quaid MorrisUniversity of Toronto, CanadaComputational Biology
Trevor LevinOHSU Knight Cancer Institute, OregonCancer Genomics
Sandra Krum-HansenUniversity of TromsoEpidemiology
Luke McCaffreyMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Veena SangwanUniversity of MinnesotaMolecular Oncology
Jennifer KnightUniversite de MontrealMolecular Oncology
Wilbert ZwartUniversite de MontrealMolecular Oncology
Eric PaquetMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
John OzcelikMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Sadiq SalehMcGill University, CanadaCancer Genomics
Matthew SudermanMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Ali TofighMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Robert LesurfMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Sean CoryMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Julie LivingstoneMcGill University, CanadaComputational Biology
Harvey SmithMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Genevieve DebloisMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Jose TeodoroMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Lodewyk WesselsUniversite de MontrealComputational Biology
Mathieu LupienUniversite de MontrealMolecular Oncology
Nicholas BertosMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Morag ParkMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Vincent GiguereMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Thomas DuchaineMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
David JunckerMcGill University, CanadaMicrofluidics
Therese SorlieRadition Hopsital, OsloBreast Cancer Genomics
Eiliv LundUniversite de MontrealEpidemiology
Marc ZapatkaUniversite de MontrealCancer Genomics and Bioinformatics
Benjamin Haibe-KainsUniversite de MontrealComputational Biology
Steve JonesUniversite de MontrealGenomics
Janusz RakMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Simak AliImperial College School of Medicine, LondonMolecular Oncology
Josie DostieMcGill University, CanadaMolecular Oncology
Paul BoutrosOntario Institute for Cancer Research, CanadaCancer Informatics
Stephen M. RobbinsSouthern Alberta Cancer Research Institute, CanadaExtracellular signalling in Cancer
Richard SimonNational Cancer Institute, USACancer Treatment and Diagnosis