18 Jan 2008

The invitees discusssed protein-protein, genetic and chemical-genetic interactions in both model organsisms and humans.

Organizers Institution
Mike HallettMcGill University
Sarah JennaUniversité de Québec à Montréal
Brenda AndrewsDonnelly CCBR, University of TorontoYeast functional genomics, cell cycle
Richard BonneauBiology/Computer Science, NYURegulatory network inference, de novo structure prediction
Charlie BooneBBDMR, Donnelly CCBR, University of TorontoYeast genetic interactions, chemical genomics
Benedikt BrorsTheoretical Bioinformatics, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)Cancer biology, gene expression analysis
Jenny BryanStatistics, University of British ColumbiaStatistical genomics
Susan CelnikerLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTranscription networks and protein complexes in Drosophila
Xavier de BolleMolecular Biology, University of Namur FUNDPBrucella melitensis virulence, inter-species interactions
Denis DupuyCCSB, DCFI, Harvard Medical SchoolC. elegans promoterome
Andrew FraserWellcome Trust Sanger InstituteSignal transduction, genetic interactions in C. elegans
Guri GiaeverDonnelly CCBR, University of TorontoChemical genomics
Sara GoslineMCB, McGill UniversityIntegrative bioinformatics for ER quality control studies, proteomics
Kris GunsalusBiology, New York UniversityIntegrating and mining functional genomics data, C. elegans
Tim HughesBBDMR, Donnelly CCBR, University of TorontoFunctional genomic units, DNA-binding, RNA processing in yeast and mouse
Gregor JansenBiochemistry, McGill UniversityChemical genomics, cell signaling, endoplasmic reticulum
Anna LeeMCB, McGill UniversityIntegrative bioinformatics for chemical genomics, C. elegans genetic interactions
Edward MarcotteCSSB, ICMB, University of TexasProtein function and interaction informatics
Stephen MichnickBiochemistry, Université de MontréalBiochemical and genetic networks, HTP protein interaction studies
Corey NislowBBDMR, Donnelly CCBR, University of TorontoNucleosome occupancy, chemical genomics
Tony PawsonSLRI, University of TorontoSignal transduction
Fabio PianoBiology, NYUFunctional genomics, early embryogenesis in nematodes
Jérôme ReboulFunctional Genomics, Marseilles Cancer Research Center, INSERMMolecular networks implicated in epithelial polarity, C. elegans
Fritz RothCCSB, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical Schoolgenetic pathways, alternative splicing, integration informatics
Igor StagljarDonnelly CCBR, University of TorontoProtein-protein interactions, drug discovery, genome stability
David ThomasBiochemistry, McGill UniversityChemical genomics, cell signaling, endoplasmic reticulum
Christine VogelCSSB, ICMB, University of TexasBioinformatics for genome evolution, protein expression
AJ Marian WalhoutMolecular Medicine, Gene Function and Expression, UMass Medical SchoolTranscription regulatory circuits in C. elegans
Monique ZetkaBiology, McGill UniversityMeiosis in C. elegans