01 Sep 2023
  • We welcome Mac Reeves to our team. In the context of his undergraduate thesis, Mac is applying the Akoya spatial imaging system to DCIS samples.

  • Madelyn Wong is also joining us for her undergraduate thesis. She is working with the Combinatorial Intervention (COIN)-seq team to explore regulators of early events in EMT in early breast carcinoma.

  • Jonathan Li joins us from the Department of Computer Science and the Ivey School of Business. Jonathan is modifying the FCOS detection algorithm to enable it to better address issues related to microscopy of Candida albicans.

  • Our manuscript that identifies and explores the phenotypic heterogeneity in Candida albicans fungal populations was accepted to eLife (in press)

  • We developed new versions of Candescence to identify strains of Candida albicans that have differential survival capacity when grown with mouse macrophages. This collaboration with Leah Cowen’s lab at the University of Toronto was recently accepted to nBio.

  • We received a CIHR project grant in the Spring 2023 competition with E. Rakovitch at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. This grant will allow us to continue our effort to idenify signatures of DCIS patients who will or will not benefit from radiotherapy.

  • Thanks to the CFI, a group of bio-data scientists at Western have received funding to build a substantial and secure computing infrastructure to drive our research.

  • The next Bellairs Systems Biology meeting (February 2024) is focused on computational methods in biology.