01 Apr 2024
  • We congratulate Mac Reeves, Madelyn Wong, Jonathan Li and Kevin Fong for completion of their undergraduate theses.

  • Congratulations to Vaibhav Gupta for successfully completing his Ph.D. qualifying exam.

  • After a lot of hard work, we have managed to get the first of the data science servers up and running at Western. These servers are our work horse, offering significant CPU, GPU and storage for the life-science related data scientists at Western.

  • With Eileen Rakovitch and her team at Sunnybrook we recently legally protected our approach for identifying breast DCIS patients who would not benefit radiation therapy, and we are continuing to expand our projects. In fact,we recently completed our first sample profiling with the Akoya PhenoCycler assay!

  • We are continuing our collaborative work with Judy Berman’s lab, Lucy Xie and Rebecca Shapira related to Candida albicans.

  • Our team remains highly focused on our combinatorial intervention sequencing (COIN-seq) assay with our first data and manuscripts to appear this year in 2024.

  • Our Barbados 2024 - Computational Paradigms in Molecular Biology Revisited workshop was nice. The meeting had a great mix of laboratory and computational scientists of different types. Next year, our intended topic is along the lines of “the analysis challegnes of small but many organisms”, a phrase that is supposed to cover metagenomics of fungi, bacteria and viruses.