01 Aug 2022

– We welcome Thomas Qu to the lab as an MSc candidate working on high-throughput perturbation techniques.

– We also welcome summer research assistants Lauren Chalykoff and Eric Chalykoff who are assisting with breast cancer lab and informatics projects.

– A thank you to Eliseos John Mucaki for presenting our work at the the 2022 London Oncology Research and Education Day.

– Both Vanessa Dumeaux and I joined the Department of Oncology at Western, and the Centre for Translational Cancer Research.

– We have started organizing the 21st Systems Biology meeting at Bellairs. The topic this year is Cells in Space.

– I am excited to teach BIOCHEMISTRY/PATHOLOGY 4450A “The genetic basis of human cancer” this fall.

– Our first Candescence manuscript was accepted to Microbiology Spectrum! Appearing soon.