04 Jan 2022
  • I haven’t updated the lab site in the past year. The pandemic flew by in a storm of pure, constant work it seems.Several things occurred.

  • We are looking for a postdoc or research assistant for a breast cancer genomics/informatics project related to ductal carcinoma in situ. There is many opporunities to develop deep learning based approaches or for more traditional biostatistical analyses.

  • The 2021 Bellairs workshop entitled Encoding and Decoding Function in the Genome was cancelled due to covid-19. We are picking up where we left off for the 2022 workhop here.

  • Mike Hallett recently presented Candescence at the Candida and Candiasis 2021 meeting. A version of the talk can be found here

  • The manuscript and deep learning software for Candescence was recently released.

  • Aki Kiribakis successfully defended his MSc thesis. December.

  • Vanessa Dumeaux and I accepted positions at Western University in London, Ontario.