21 Jan 2018
  • Opened our a very tiny wet-lab for (human tumor) sample preparation, droplet-isolation techniques and some DIY genomics.

  • Mike gives a talk at the PERFORM centre Feb. 20.

  • Tacos, sushi and the end of the world. An event to celebrate the end of BIOL 480 and the glory of our future AI over-lords. We watched Elon Musk’s documentary “Do you trust this computer?”. GE 100 at high noon. (April)

  • Mike will be at the AACR Annual Meeting, Chicago (April, 15-17)

  • Vanessa gives a talk at the CR-CHUM, Montreal (March, 14).

  • Vanessa visits and gives a talk at Radboud University Medical Center Tumor Immunology, Nijmegen, April 19.

  • Mike will teach a revamped Bioinformatics course in Winter 2018.

  • Vanessa participates in the Systems Genetics of Cancer workshop, Portland (Jun 11-13)

  • Mike attended the IRIC Symposium on Machine Learning Biological Systems. A nice two day even organized by Sebastien Lemieux, Sylvie Mader , Mike Tyers, Lea Harrington and Brian Wilhelm. Many nice talks about how ML is being used in clincal and basic research settings.

  • Mike attended RECOMB Comparative Genomics is an annual meeting that brings together algorithmic oriented researchers interested in comparative genomics, genome evolution and related areas. October.

  • With David Walsh (Concordia), we are organizing The Reef Microbiome workshop in Barbados, Jan 26-Feb 2 of 2019.