21 Jan 2020
  • Our meeting this year includes approximately 50 researchers who each have a unique “non-model” model system, or are using well-established model systems in new ways. This year has a particularly broad range of topics including models for marine systems, cancer, development and evolution. Emerging Model Systems. January

  • WTF? March

  • In response to covid-19, several of my students and colleagues at Concordia Department of Biology prepared this primer into the literature of covid-19 for our students. Hopefully it assists you with exploring the disease. A primer into the covid-19 literature.

  • As announced by Concordia, courses will remain in an on-line format this fall. In repsonse to these covid-19-related measures, we have optmized the deliver of our bioinformatics course for this format. You can read more about it here BIOL 480/510/630 Bioinformatics: Data Science for Biology. We have also modernized the structure the course to follow closer the excellent on-line resource R for Data Science In essence, we will work within the tidyverse to better advance students visualization and data analysis skills.

  • It was a great pleasure to speak at the first Canadian Fungal Network meeting Twitter: @CanFunNet. A lot of great talks. Mike spoke about drug tolerance in Candida albicans. The talk is available here. Van spoke about a deep learning-based tool to recognize Candida albicans morphologies.

  • Shawn Simpson successfully completed his MSc where he analyzed the microbiome of the Barbadian coral reef. The manuscript is currently available from the bioRxiv

  • With Vincent Martin, Malcolm Whiteway and Agropur, we received funding from Genome Canada/Genome Quebec for a syntheic biology application entitled Bioprocess Development for Lactose Valorisation.

  • Several members of the lab with Vanessa Dumeaux created a not-for-profit cooperative entitled SCIEL. The mandate of SCIEL is to bring deep learning-based single cell approaches to market.

  • Samira Massahi successfully defended her MSc thesis.